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LED Drivers

On this page you will find all LED Drivers at Led24 Read more

On this page you will find all LED Drivers at LED24

On this page you will find all LED Drivers at Led24
LED lighting works on low voltage. It is therefore essential that the voltage is converted from high to low voltage. Some products have a built-in driver. For the products that do not have this, a LED Driver must be placed between the power source and the LED lighting. This is required for all LED Panels. 

Drivers and Transformers for LED Lighting

Since LED lighting operates on low voltage, it is necessary to convert the current from high to low voltage. This can easily be done by using a LED Driver. The LED Driver converts the 220V-240V to the desired voltage for your LED lighting. Because some LED lighting has a built-in driver, a LED Driver is only needed when this is not the case.

Please note that when choosing a LED Driver, the amperage in milliamps should correspond to the amperage that the LED lighting needs, to prevent overstressing.

Options for LED Drivers

It is possible to select a standard, dimmable or flicker-free LED Driver. Standard drivers only convert the current to the desired level. Dimmable drivers can be installed in combination with a dimmer. This way, the lighting can easily be made dimmable. Alternatively, you can choose a flicker-free driver. Flicker-free drivers reduce the flickering of the light and take away the negative effects of flickering light. 

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