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LED Bulbs

On this page, you will find our LED bulbs with an E27 or E14 fitting. LED lamps are a durable replacement for traditional incandescent or halogen lamps. The bulbs are available in different light colours. Read more

What are LED bulbs?

LED bulbs are a sustainable replacement for incandescent or halogen lamps. They consume far less energy and last longer. LED lamps are available in various versions. Different shapes are available, such as a candle LED bulb, edison LED bulb, pear LED bulb or a globe LED bulb. In addition, you can choose for LED filament lamps with a warm white light colour or for coloured LED lamps. LED lamps can be used in any room. LED filament lamps or coloured LED lamps are often used to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

E27 LED bulb

Most LED bulbs in our assortment have an E27 fitting. This is a standard fitting that is also used for incandescent and halogen lamps. This way, you can easily replace your old bulb with a LED bulb. You can also choose a LED lamp with an E14 fitting. This is also a commonly used fitting. The fitting is smaller than the E27 fitting.

Dimmable LED bulbs

Our LED bulbs are dimmable. The lamps can be dimmed with a remote control or wall control. Our coloured lamps can also be controlled with your smartphone. You will need a wifi module to do this. Our smart LED lamps can also be controlled with your smartphone, but without the wifi module. 

Smart LED bulbs

Our smart LED bulbs are available in a CCT variant and an RGB+CCT variant. With CCT, all colour temperatures of white light (2700K - 6500K) can be set. With our RGB+CCT smart lamps you can also choose coloured light such as green, orange, purple or red. Our smart LED lamps can be controlled with your smartphone. You do not need a wifi module. The lamps can be controlled with the smart life app on your phone.

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