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Downlight 6 Watt - 120mm

The square LED downlights on this page have an output of 6 watts. The LED downlights are offered in warm white (3000K), bright white (4000K) and cold white (6000K) Read more

What is a 6 watt recessed LED downlight?

An LED downlight is a small LED panel. The LED downlighter has a size of 120mm. This LED downlighter has a beam angle of 120 degrees, so the light of the LED lamp is evenly spread and there are no shadows. Because of the low built-in size, the LED downlighter can easily be placed in a ceiling. The LED downlights have a sleek and modern design.

Different types of LED downlights 6 watt

The LED downlights all have a dimension of 120mm. The LED downlights are offered in warm white, bright white and cold white. In addition, these LED downlights can all be installed as recessed lighting. If you do not have the possibility to make a hole in your ceiling, you can choose for surface mounted LED downlights.

Different light colours LED downlights

The LED downlights are available in different colour temperatures. The colour temperature is expressed in Kelvin. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere you can choose warm white (3000K). This light temperature is considered relaxing. You will therefore see this light colour in living rooms and bedrooms. When you are looking for lighting for a space where work must be done, you can choose bright white (4000K). With this light colour, concentration will be maintained longer. If a clear view is important, such as in a dentist's office, we recommend choosing cold white (6000K).

LED downlights 6 watt dimmable

The LED downlights will always be delivered with a dimmable and flickerfree LED driver. This LED driver can be connected directly to the current. You can dim the LED downlights with a LED dimmer phase. The LED dimmer is equipped with a rotary button with which the LED downlights can be operated.

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