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Floodlight 30 Watt

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What is a LED floodlight 30 watt? 

With a LED floodlight 30 watts you can illuminate large areas. A LED spotlight is also called a floodlight or construction lamp, because the LED lamp gives a large light output. The LED floodlights are very low in consumption and have a long lifespan, the floodlights last up to at least 35,000 hours. In view of the high light output of the LED wide-angle floodlights, the lamps can be used to light up a garden, a walkway or driveway. The LED floodlights can be used outdoors, because they have a protection of IP65. The LED floodlights are water-resistant. In addition, the LED floodlights are easy to install. The LED floodlights have a Euro plug. You can therefore connect the floodlight directly to a power point. 

Different types of 30 Watt LED floodlights

Our LED floodlights all have a capacity of 30 Watts. The LED floodlights are offered in warm white, bright white, cold white and RGB+CCT. In addition, we also have a rechargeable LED floodlight with a capacity of 30 watts in our assortment. This rechargeable construction lamp is portable and therefore easy to move. The LED lamp can be recharged with a USB plug.  

Different light colours 30 watt LED floodlights

We sell our LED floodlights 30 watt in different colour temperatures. The colour temperature is expressed in kelvin. The higher the number of Kelvin, the colder the light colour. Warm white (3000K) has a yellow glow. This floodlight is used to create a cosy atmosphere. You will therefore often see this light colour as garden lighting. Bright white (4000K) is often used as work lighting. With this colour, concentration will remain longer. When you are looking for lighting where every detail is visible, you can choose cold white (6000K). With an RGB+CCT LED spotlight, you can create any colour you want. In addition, you can also set all white shades with an RGB+CCT remote control.

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