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Floodlight 100 Watt

On this page you can find our 100W LED floodlights in different light colours Read more

What is a 100 watt LED floodlight?

A LED spotlight has a flat housing and is black in colour. On the LED broad strobe is a black bracket, with which you can screw the LED broad strobe to any desired surface. A LED spotlight produces a lot of light. The floodlight is rainproof, because it has a protection of IP65. The LED floodlights have a built-in constant current driver. The floodlight is equipped with a cable with a Euro plug, so that you can plug the LED directly into the outlet. The LED floodlights produce a lot of light and also last up to 35,000 hours. Our LED spotlights are available in different colour temperatures. Our LED spotlights are very durable. This is because a lot of energy is saved in comparison to a traditional building light. Hardly any energy is converted into heat with an LED lamp. 

Different types of 100 watt LED floodlights

We offer our LED floodlights with a capacity of 100 Watts in different types. You can choose from warm white, cold white, bright white and RGB+CCT. If you find the wattage too high, you can also choose another LED spotlight. We offer our LED floodlights in 10 watt, 30 watt, 50 watt and 200 watt. 

Different colour temperatures 100 watt LED spotlights

The colour temperature of the LED beams is expressed in kelvin. Warm white (3000K) is used for mood lighting. With this colour temperature you create a warm and cozy atmosphere. If you are looking for work lighting, we recommend to choose a LED spotlight bright white (4000K). With this light colour you have better visibility than with a warm white light colour. If you are looking for a white tint that most closely matches the colour of daylight, you can choose cold white (6000K). This colour temperature provides a clear view. However, this light temperature is experienced as less cosy. In addition, we also have an RGB+CCT LED spotlight in our range. With the colours red, green and blue you can create any desired colour. In addition, you can also set all white temperatures with the use of an RGB+CCT remote control. 

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