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LED lighting for industrial purposes

LED lighting for industrial purposes

Do you want to light up your workshop or warehouse in a sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-saving way? Then it's time to switch to LED lighting! 
Against popular misconception, LED lights provide the same light yield as conventional lights.
Additionally, you will be able to save up to 50% of your energy costs, since LED lamps are much more durable (lifespan of up to 50.000 hours) and consume less electricity.
As a wholesale business, we offer a wide variety of different LED lamps for commercial purposes, tailored towards the needs of industrial companies. 

Advantages of LED lighting for industrial companies:

Save costs and increase energy efficiency:

  • same light yield as conventional lights while being more energy- and cost-efficient
  • less maintenance and cleaning effort needed
  • competitive wholesale prices

Improve the longevity and sustainability of your lighting systems:

  • reduced energy consumption, decreased CO2 emissions and lower carbon footprint
  • less electrical waste due to longer lifespan
  • sustainable and durable investment: lifespan of up to 50,000 hours!

Increase your employees' well-being, productivity and working safety:

  • less strain on the eyes thanks to improved visibility, less shadows and better light spread
  • improved concentration and decreased fatigue due to non-flickering lights
  • better working safety and less accidents attributable to well-lit working places


LED product recommendations for industrial companies:

LED Highbays

Our ► LED highbays are the perfect replacement for mercury vapour lamps. Our highbays provide an astounding luminous efficacy of 120 lumens per watt. Therefore, depending on the number of watts of the particular model (ranging between 100 and 240W), these lamps can efficiently illuminate wide spaces such as factories, workshops, warehouses, etc.
Due to their brightness, they work best at ceilings with a height between 6 and 12 metres. Moreover, our highbays are all waterproof and can be used in dry as well as in humid areas.

LED Floodlights

With a wattage of only 10 to 50W, our ► LED floodlights can easily be compared to conventional / halogen lamps between 100 to 500W. They emit bright light on a large, broad scale from 800 up to 4000 lumen.
We offer floodlights with a stand as well as portable options. The latter are especially convenient for outdoor work, e.g. construction work, or for emergency lighting due to their rechargeability. Needless to say, all of our floodlights are completely waterproof and airtight. You can choose between floodlights with and without a motion sensor.

T8 LED Tubes

Replace your previous fluorescent tubes with ► T8 LED tubes to save up to 55% of energy consumption! Due to their slim design, these LED tubes can be installed flexibly in various areas of your production area, workshop, garages and more. In our assortment, you will find the most popular sizes of tubes, ranging from 60 to 150 centimetres. With an IP (Ingress Protection) 65 sealing, all of our tubes are also entirely waterproof.

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