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LED Strip Accessories

On this page, you will find all our products that you need or can use in combination with our LED Strips. LED Strip Accessories contains our LED Strip remote controls, LED Strip power adapters, LED Strip controllers, LED Strip pin connectors, LED Strip pr Read more

Accessories for LED Strips

On this page you will find our products that can be used in combination with LED Strips. Please note that some products fit certain LED Strips and may not fit others. 

Remotes for LED Strips

Our LED Strips remote controllers exist in 2 versions. You can choose a remote control or a wall remote control. A wall remote control can be installed against the wall. You can connect it directly to the mains or choose a version that uses batteries.

Make sure you choose the right remote control for your LED Strip. You can choose a LED Strip remote control for:

Power supply adapters for LED Strips

Power supply adapters for LED Strips are needed to convert the current to 12V or 24V. Our LED Strips always operate at 12V or 24V. Make sure you choose the right voltage for your LED Strip. This should always match. 

Controllers for LED Strips

LED Strip controllers are required to operate your LED Strips remotely. They receive the signal from the remote control and transmit the signal to the LED Strips. You will need to install a controller for each LED Strip you want to control. Always make sure that you select the right controller for your type of LED Strips. A controller for single coloured strips will not work for coloured LED Strips. 

Pin connectors for LED Strips

Our LED Strips always end in a pin connector. Pin connectors can be used to connect LED Strips to a LED Strip connector or to connect the LED Strips to each other. This way, you can easily extend the LED Strips. 

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