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LED lighting for Gyms and Sport Centers

Lighting is a crucial element for gyms and sport centers. Lighting is important to ensure the safety of your customers or participants. Other than safety concerns, sport centers require a uniform and well-lit area that allows participants to follow what is happening. A sport center can have quality competitions but, without proper lighting, it would not matter. It is important to note that sport centers require brilliant lighting in order to bring out the full potential of a competitive match but this light needs to be uniform and diffused. Switching to LED lights would be especially beneficial when it comes to halls with tall ceilings because they require minimal maintenance, unlike conventional lights, and last longer.

Advantages of LED lighting for Gyms and Sport Centers

Reduced energy and overhead costs:

  • Same light output as conventional lamps, but with greater energy and cost savings.
  • Long life (up to 50,000 hours)
  • Reduced maintenance and cleaning efforts
  • Competitive prices

Increases the life of your lighting system and is environmentally friendly

  • Reduces energy consumption, CO2 emissions and carbon footprint
  • Less electronic waste due to long life
  • Sustainable and durable investment: 50,000 hours
  • Does not contain mercury 

LED product recommendations for Gyms and Sports Centers

LED Panels

LED panels emit a pleasantly diffused light. They are suitable for every sport hall or gym thanks to their brilliant and uniform lighting. Their IP44 degree of protection guarantees against splashes of water and condensate water, making them suitable for damp environments such as indoor swimming pools. All of our LEDs are dimmable, this means that, depending on the type of competition or gym class, the light intensity can be changed (for example, it is possible to dim the lights at your gym for yoga classes and later turn the intensity up for the next classes). 

LED Downlights

These recessed downlights are a perfect way to illuminate areas that require bright light and good visibility such as corridors, toilets and changing rooms. They provide a wide beam of light, higher luminous efficacy than conventional lights and are more energy efficient. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and light colours, making it possible to integrate with any design concept.

LED Highbays

These lights are suitable for high ceilings (they work best with high ceilings between 6 and 12 metres). They have a wide beam angle and emit a strong light. Like all of our LED lights, Highbays have a long life and require minimal maintenance making them suitable for high ceilings which cannot be reach with ease. 

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