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LED lighting for spas, relaxation areas and swimming pools

LED lighting for spas, relaxation areas and swimming pools

Spas, swimming pools and saunas are places that people visit to escape their everyday life for a few hours. Whether for sports, relaxation or detoxification, no matter what the motivation for the visit is: the right atmospheric lighting is a critical factor to make the stay in your facility a true experience.
By clever illumination with LED lights you not only improve the atmosphere within your buildings and thus increase customer loyalty - you can simultaneously save up to 70% of your energy costs, need your lighting serviced less frequently and reduce your CO2 footprint!

Advantages of LED lighting for spas, relaxation areas and pool sides

Invest smartly and sustainably:
  • Sustainable investment due to a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
  • Less maintenance and cleaning effort needed
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions and less electrical waste

Improve guest experience and the appearance of your rooms:

  • Control and adjust the mood in your spaces by installing dimmable and colour-switching LED lights
  • Enrich your unique interior design by playing with different light colours and light sources
  • High-quality, non-glare and non-flickering LED light provides pleasant, eye-friendly illumination

Differentiate your wellness facility from the competition:

  • Better image as a result of modern lighting and a uniquely relaxing, even magical atmosphere
  • Position yourself as a sustainable company that pays attention to its energy consumption and cares about its environmental footprint!

LED product recommendations for spas and pool sides:

LED panels

LED panels are ultra-flat recessed ceiling luminaires that emit a pleasantly diffuse, widespread light. Due to their protection degree of IP44, they are guaranteed to be splash-proof, tolerate condensation water without any problems and are therefore perfectly suited for an even illumination of larger wet rooms. For maximum flexibility we recommend our colour-changing RGB+CCT (RGBWW) panels. With these you can creatively change the atmosphere of your rooms according to your preferences, time of day or theme of the day.

LED Spots

With the aid of dimmable LED Spots (small spotlights), you can specifically illuminate smaller areas and place special emphasis with lighting. These light sources are also very well suited for bright illumination of areas that require a lot of surefootedness and good lighting (e.g. in showers or slippery paths). Thanks to the dimming function, you can find exactly the fine line between a relaxed, dimmed atmosphere and lighting that provides sufficient safety. Make sure to choose waterproof LED spots or mounting frames with IP65 certification in order to make full use of the long service life of the light sources.

LED Strips

Underline your interior design by cleverly applying LED Strips to/under contours (e.g. along ceiling contours, under counters, etc.) to create indirect lighting effects and soft lighting accents - or place LED strips along steps to avoid tripping hazards. As a result, LED strips are quite versatile and can serve many different purposes. For a more eye-catching, creative touch we recommend (colour-changing) RGB or (colour-changing + white-level) RGB+CCT LED strips. Depending on the area of application, the degree of watertightness should also be taken into account here, both for the strips themselves and for the accessories required (e.g. for the power supply unit or controller).
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