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LED Strip Profiles

elow you can find all of our LED Strip profiles. LED Strip profiles provide an even spread of light and a refined finish. The opal milky white diffuser ensures that the individual LED lights are not or barely visible, giving a smooth result! The LED strip Read more

Profiles for LED Strips

LED Strip Profiles are aluminium profiles in which a LED Strip can be placed. LED Strips are pretty bright by themselves. By using a LED Strip profile, the light is smoother and more diffused making it more pleasant to look at. This reduces or prevents glare. This is due to the included protective cover. This cover is milky white opal. 
LED Strips consist of individual LEDs on a strip. LED Strip profiles ensure that the individual LEDs are no longer visible. This gives a modern and luxurious appearance. 

LED Strip Profiles and options

Below, you will find a range of LED Strip Profiles. You can choose between the following options:


Recessed and Surface Mounted LED Strip Profiles

You have the possibility to choose between recessed and surface mounted profiles. Recessed profiles are designed to be installed in a cove. This usually looks neater because the lighting is largely concealed within the surface. Is there no cove at the desired location? You can have a cove made or possibly do this yourself. Recessed profiles are often used above the kitchen counter (under kitchen cabinets), in cabinets, in walls or in the ceiling.

You do not have a cove and you do not plan to make one? Surface-mounted profiles are not made to be recessed into a surface. Surface mounted profiles can be installed onto a surface.

LED Strip Corner Profiles

Are you planning to install your LED Strip in a corner? Then the corner profile is the ideal solution. The corner profile can be installed at an angle of 90 degrees and provides a professional and beautiful finish.

Length and width of LED Strip Profiles

Our LED Strip Profiles are available in 1m and 2.5m. In addition, it is possible to choose different widths. Please note that the width of the LED Strip is always smaller than the inner width of the profile. You can choose between the following options:

Benefits of LED Strip Profiles

LED Strip Profiles distribute the light evenly, make the light less sharp and provide a nice finish in which the individual LEDs are no longer visible. The main advantage of LED Strip Profiles is that they significantly increase the lifespan of the LED Strip. This is due to the good heat dissipation through the aluminium profile.

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