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Floodlight 30 Watt

LED Floodlights 30W with Sensor Read more

What is a LED floodlight 30 watt with a sensor?

A 30 watt LED floodlight with sensor, produces enough light to illuminate a large area. The LED floodlight turns on automatically when you walk into a dark room. You can therefore use this LED construction light in a shed, garage or workshop. You can set the sensitivity of the sensors as you wish. The lamp will switch on when there is movement between 2 and 12 meters. You cannot switch off one of the sensors because they work in combination. However, if you can switch off both sensors, the LED spotlight will only switch on when connected to a power source. The LED spotlight has an IP44 protection rating. The LED lamp is protected against splashing water, but not against heavy rainfall. We therefore recommend that you place the LED spotlight under a roof at all times.

Different types of LED floodlights 30 watt with sensor

We offer the 30 watt LED beams with sensor in different colour temperatures. You can choose between warm white, bright white and cold white. When you are looking for a LED spotlight with a lower wattage, you can choose a LED spotlight 10 watt with sensor.  

Different light colours LED floodlights 30W

The 30 watt LED floodlights with sensor are offered in three different colour temperatures. The colour temperature is expressed in the number of Kelvin. The lower the number of Kelvin, the warmer the colour of the LED floodlight. Warm white (3000K) is seen as atmospheric lighting. This LED floodlight has a yellow glow. You can use this LED floodlight to beautifully light up your garden. A LED floodlight bright white (4000K) can be used as work lighting. This light temperature stimulates the ability to concentrate. When you need lighting to see all the details, you should choose cold white (6000K), a light colour that most closely matches the colour of daylight. However, this light colour is experienced as less pleasant.

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