Please be aware that is a Dutch company, and our warehouse is situated in the Netherlands. Consequently, when ordering from us, you are accountable for settling VAT and import duties upon importation.

Recycling LED lamps works together with a Dutch recycling organisation, Wecycle, in the context of sustainability, environmental awareness and friendliness. Wecycle stimulates a circular economy by facilitating the collection and recycling of e-waste. This includes discarded electrical appliances and energy-efficient lamps. We therefore ask you to always bring your e-waste to a recycling point or return point. By recycling  old electrical appliances or low-energy/LED lights, up to 90% can be reused. LED24 stimulates the cycle of production, use, return, recycling and re-production.

LED lamps are essentially more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional alternatives. However, it is unavoidable that LED lights have to be replaced every once in a while. Will you help us combat environmental pollution? Please return your old LED lights to any collection points such as local DIY stores, large retail distributor and e-waste recycling centers. If you’re wondering where to dispose of light bulbs in the UK, you can find the nearest collection point in here.

Returning and recycling LED lights

LED lights last longer than traditional lighting. However, it is unavoidable that LED lighting also has to be replaced in the long run. These light should not be disposed of with household waste. Like other energy saving lights, LED lights must be disposed of as small electrical waste. This way they can be recycled in the right way. LED lights contain semiconductors such as gallium, rare earth metals such as yttrium, lanthanum and europium and precious metals. Some substances can be harmful to the environment. Help the environment and return your old LED Lamps to a waste collection point! This way you can be sure that your old lamps will be recycled.

Returning and recycling old electrical appliances

Why should we hand in our old electrical appliances and have them recycled? In order to prevent this from ending up as bulky waste. More than 90% of the materials used in all electrical appliances can be recycled. By 2017, Wecycle has proven to have captured 50 kilos of mercury and avoided 345 million kilos of CO2 emissions.

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