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LED floodlight with sensor

On this page you can find our LED floodlights with sensor. Available in different wattages & light colours. Read more

What is a LED floodlight with sensor?

With a LED floodlight, you can illuminate large areas, because the LED floodlights provide strong light. These LED floodlights are all equipped with a PIR sensor. This means that the LED floodlight has a motion and light sensor function. The sensitivity of the sensors can be increased or decreased with the lux sensor. However, you cannot use just one of the sensors. The light sensor will only switch on when someone is actually in the area. However, it is possible to switch off both sensors. The LED spotlights are water-resistant and can be used outdoors. However, the sensors have an IP44 protection, which means that the sensor is splashproof. It is recommended to place the LED floodlight under a roof. You can plug the LED floodlights directly into a wall socket. 

Different types of LED floodlights

We offer our LED floodlights with sensor in different wattages. In addition, the LED floodlights are offered in warm white, bright white and cold white. If you do not need a sensor, you can choose a LED spotlight without one. 


The LED floodlights are available in different wattages:

Different light colours of the LED floodlights

The LED spotlights are offered in different colour temperatures. The colour temperature is expressed in the unit Kelvin. The lower the number of Kelvin, the warmer the light. Warm white (3000K) can be used to illuminate a terrace or garden. This light colour creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. Bright white (4000K) is good to use for example in a workshop or car park. If you are still looking for bright light, we also have a LED wide beam cold white (6000K) in our range. This colour matches the colour of daylight the most, you can see all the details with this light. 

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