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LED Lighting for Hotel and Catering Services

LED Lighting for Hotel and Catering Services

Lights are a crucial component for creating the right atmosphere.
Whether this may be at a restaurant or a hotel, the lighting of a room can create a pleasant experience if applied right. Customers often do not consciously pay attention to the lighting of a place when it is done right, but can immediately tell if something is off. Hence, it is important to create an unforgettable experience for your customers by lighting your room in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.
If implemented with LED lights, you can even save costs and reduce your environmental footprint while simultaneously improving your visitors’ experience!

Advantages of LED lighting for hotel/catering services

Reduce your energy costs and increase your energy efficiency:

  • up to 70% less energy consumption in comparison to conventional lamps
  • reduced pressure on air conditioning systems with non-heating lamps
  • especially for bar counters: less cooling needed, as LED lights do not cause drinks to warm up

Invest smartly and sustainably:

  • sustainable investment due to a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
  • less maintenance and cleaning effort needed
  • reduced greenhouse emissions and less electrical waste

Improve guest experience and the appearance of your rooms:

  • suit and control the mood in your spaces by installing dimmable and adjustable LED light
  • use different light colours as a creative way of enhancing your unique interior design
  • suggestion: install dimmable lights in your hotel rooms and let your guests personalize their preferred room lighting!

LED product recommendations for catering & hospitality

LED Filament Bulbs

Are you afraid to lose the romantic, nostalgic touch of your previous lamps when switching to LED bulbs? To dispel these concerns, we offer ► LED bulbs with filaments which optically resemble traditional, warm white light bulbs. These decorative illuminants do not only consume significantly less energy, but are also automatically dimmable which allows you to control the light atmosphere in your dining areas or lobby according to the time of day and the desired mood.

LED Downlights

These ► recessed ceiling lights are the perfect, modern way to brightly illuminate areas that need to be well-lit and require good visibility, such as hallways, restrooms and kitchens. They provide an extensive light-spread and a light yield that is easily comparable to conventional/halogen overhead lights, while being more energy-efficient. Since they come in different sizes, shapes and light colours, you can seamlessly integrate them in your overall interior design concept.

LED Strips

Enhance your décor by placing ► LED strips beneath your surfaces (e.g. bar counters, reception desks, etc.) to achieve indirect light effects and soft highlights - or place them to light up your steps to avoid tripping hazards. Accordingly, LED strips are flexibly applicable and can serve various purposes. For a more eye-catching, creative touch, we recommend choosing RGB (multi-colour) or RGB+CCT (multi-colour + three levels of white) LED strips, which enable you to change the colour of your lights in accordance with the specific atmosphere you wish to create.

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