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Square LED Downlights

A square LED downlight is a small LED panel. We offer this LED downlight in different wattages and dimensions. In addition, the LED downlights are available in different colour temperatures. You can choose from warm white, bright white, cold white and RGB Read more

What is a square LED downlight?

An LED downlight is a thin recessed LED panel. The LED downlights have a square shape, but are also available in a round shape. In addition, they can be recessed or surface mounted. With an LED downlight, the light shines downwards. This ensures an even spread of the light. With LED spotlights, the light is mainly focused on a specific spot. In addition, LED downlights are also less bright than spotlights. LED downlights provide a sleek look when you build it into your ceiling. However, the LED downlights can also be surface mounted if you choose a surface mounted LED downlight. The LED downlighter can then easily be screwed to the ceiling. LED downlights are often used in offices.

Different types of square LED downlights

We offer our LED downlights in different sizes and wattages. Our LED downlights can be surface-mounted or recessed. The LED downlights are also available in a round version.

The square LED downlights are available in the following sizes:

Different light colours of square LED downlights

The LED downlights are available in different colour temperatures. The different light colours all have a different application area. If you are looking for a warm and cosy light colour, the best choice is warm white (3000K). In offices and schools the light colour bright white (4000K) is often used. This light colour stimulates the ability of employees or pupils to concentrate. The colour of daylight is most closely matched by cold white (6000K). This light colour is often used in rooms where good visibility is important. We also offeran RGB+CCT version. RGB stands for red, green and blue, with which every colour can be created. The letters CCT stand for warm white, bright white and cold white. You operate the RGB+CCT downlight with a remote control.

Dimmable square LED downlight

The LED downlights are delivered with a flicker-free dimmable driver. If you want to dim the LED downlight, you need a LED dimmer phase cutting and trimming 230V. You can then easily dim your LED downlight with a wall dimmer.

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