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LED Floodlights

Our LED Floodlights are ideal for energy efficient lighting of large areas such as gardens, driveways or sheds, as they emit a lot of large area light - both indoors and outdoors. Read more

What is a LED floodlight?

With a LED floodlight, you can illuminate large areas. You can think of gardens, driveways, garages, car parks, billboards, playing fields and fronts of office buildings. The LED wide-angle floodlights are very low in consumption, which means that a lot of energy can be saved. Traditional floodlights, on the other hand, use a lot of electricity because a large part of the energy is converted into heat instead of light. In addition, the LED floodlights last up to 35,000 hours and are water-resistant.

Different types of LED floodlights

We have different types of LED floodlights in our assortment. We offer the LED floodlights in different colour temperatures and wattages. In addition, you can also choose a LED floodlight with or without sensor. You can also choose a rechargeable LED floodlight. The LED floodlights all have a black housing. In addition, we also have RGB+CCT LED floodlights in our assortment. The floodlights are offered in different wattages. The smallest LED floodlights have a power of 10W and our biggest LED floodlights have a power of 200W.

Different light colours of LED floodlights

Our LED floodlights are offered in different colour temperatures. A LED floodlight with warm white light can be used to illuminate a terrace. This LED floodlight has a yellow glow and provides atmospheric lighting. A LED construction light with bright white light can be used as a work light. This light colour stimulates the ability to concentrate. When you need a clear view, we recommend you to choose a LED construction light with cold white light, this light colour matches the colour of daylight the most. You can also choose an RGB+CCT LED construction light. The primary colours red, green and blue can be used to create any colour you want.

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