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LED GU10 Wall Spot fixtures

On this page you can find our LED wall light fixtures. The fixtures are suitable for GU10 LED spotlights. All our LED wall lights can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can also choose a wall light with sensor. Read more

What is a LED wall spot fixture?

A wall light is a fixture in which a GU10 LED spotlight can be placed. A wall light is very modern and is used more and more often these days. Our wall lights are available in different shapes and colours. You can choose from round and square LED wall lights. You can also choose a double or single fixture. With a double fixture, a LED spotlight is placed on the top and at the bottom. This causes the light to shine in two directions. It gives a very beautiful and modern effect. Would you like to be able to place the lamp in a certain direction? Then choose for a tiltable model. Our LED wall lights are available in black, white and silver. 

Outdoor wall lights

Our wall lights are suitable for outdoor use. The wall lights have a protection value of IP44 or more. This is sufficient protection for a wall lamp to be placed outside against a wall. Wall lights are often used on the outside wall of a garage or against the wall near a terrace.

Wall light with sensor

Some of our wall lights have a sensor. It is both a motion sensor and a light sensor. The lamp will therefore switch on when someone is near and when it is dark. It’s not possible to switch these functions off.

Dimmable wall lamp

Would you like to dim the wall lamp? That is possible! Our LED GU10 spots that can be placed in the wall fixtures are dimmable. You can choose for a white LED spot (warm white, bright white or cold white) or an RGB+CCT LED spot. Our LED spots are dimmable with a wall dimmer, remote control or wall control. It is also possible to operate them with your mobile phone. All you need is a wifi module. Our RGB+CCT lamps have even more possibilities. In addition to dimming, it is also possible to determine the light colour and colour intensity.

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