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Downlight 6 Watt - Ø120mm

Round LED downlights 6W available in different light colours Read more

What is a round LED downlight 6W?

A round LED downlight is a round panel in a small format. A round LED downlight is more like a spotlight in terms of shape. However, with an LED spotlight the light is spread less and focuses on a specific point. With an LED downlight, the light beam is directed downwards, spreading the light evenly. In addition, the light from an LED downlight is less bright than the light from an LED spotlight. The LED downlight can be surface mounted or recessed. A recessed LED downlight is easy to install in the system. The LED downlight has a thin built-in dimension, making it easy to place. If you do not have a lowered ceiling, you can also choose to order the LED downlight as surface mounted. This is easy to mount on your ceiling by screwing it to the ceiling. 

Different light colours round LED downlights 6 Watt

Our LED downlights are offered in different colour temperatures. One of these colour temperatures is warm white (3000K). This light colour is often used to create a cozy atmosphere. We also offer these LED downlights in bright white (4000K). This light colour is mainly used in offices or other spaces where a good concentration is important. In addition, the colour cold white (6000K) is also offered, this colour most closely matches the colour of daylight. This is seen as an unpleasant light colour because of the blue glow. You will therefore see this colour of light in rooms where good visibility is important. The RGB+CCT LED downlights can also be found in our assortment. RGB stands for red, green and blue. These primary colours can be used to create any desired colour. CCT means that the colours warm white, bright white and cold white can be created. The RGB+CCT LED downlights can be operated by radio remote control. 

Dimmable round LED downlight 6W

Our LED downlights are standard delivered with a dimmable driver that is flicker free. This gives you the possibility to dim the LED lamp. You can do this by using a LED dimmer phase cutting and trimming 230V. You can then operate your LED downlighter with a wall dimmer. For the RGB+CCT LED downlights you need a RGB+CCT remote control.


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