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150 Watt - 19500 Lumen

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LED Highbays 150W

LED Highbays of 150W provide a light output of no less than 19.500 Lumen and are suitable for use in rooms with a ceiling between 6 and 8 meters high. The 150W LED Highbays are equipped with a Meanwell driver.

150 Watt LED Highbays for 6 to 8 meters high

Because of the high light output, our 150W LED Highbays are suitable for lighting rooms with a ceiling of 6 to 8 metres high. The 150W LED Highbays have a light output of 19.500 Lumen. This allows you to optimally illuminate an area of 36 square meters. Is your space larger than 36 square meters? In that case, you can either choose to use multiple 150W LED Highbays or select a product with a higher wattage.

Please note that for a better light distribution, it is recommended to place multiple Highbays through the room. The light intensity will always be slightly higher when you stand directly under the luminaire.

The LED Highbays of 150W are suitable for use in wet rooms because of the IP65 protection.
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