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Floodlight 10 Watt

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What is a 10 watt LED floodlight with sensor?

A 10 watt floodlight is our smallest LED floodlight, which can be found in our assortment. With a 10 watt LED floodlight, you can illuminate your garden, driveway or shed, for example. The LED floodlights can be connected directly to electricity, because the LED construction lamps already have a built-in LED driver. The LED floodlight 10 watt has a protection of IP44. This means that the LED floodlight is protected against splashing water and is therefore not waterproof. We recommend that you place the LED spotlight under a roof, when you use the LED lamp outside. The 10 watt LED spotlight has a PIR sensor. The lamp will turn on in the dark when someone walks by. You can't switch off one of the two sensors, because they work with each other. However, you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor or switch the sensors off completely.

Different types of LED beams

The LED floodlight 10 watt is only offered in warm white. If you are looking for a LED spotlight in a different colour temperature, you should choose a 50 watt LED spotlight with sensor. When you do not want to use a sensor, you can choose a LED spotlight without sensor. 

Different light colours LED beams

The 10 Watt LED spotlight with sensor is only available in warm white (3000K). Warm white is used for atmospheric lighting. You can use the LED spotlight in places where atmosphere plays an important role. You can think of the entrance of a restaurant or for illuminating your garden. You can also opt for a 10 watt RGB+CCT LED spotlight, you can then set any colour and all colours white. With this you can beautifully illuminate your plants and trees in your garden. 

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