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LED Track lights

With innovative LED track lights systems you ensure a maximum flexibility in the lighting of your rooms. Combine several track lights with some of the swivelling and rotating high-power LED Spots. With the help of the angle connector, it’s possible to con Read more

What is LED track lighting?

LED track lighting is also called a track system. LED track spots can be placed on a rail. It’s possible to aim the light in every desired angle or direction. It can be adjusted at any time. The track lighting that we sell is 3 phase lighting. This type of track lighting has 4 wires. This makes it possible to divide the rail spots into three power groups and thus to operate them separately. It is then necessary to connect 3 different dimmers or switches. Our LED track lighting systems are available in black and white.

LED track system products

For a complete LED track lighting system you need the following products:

The power rail is the rail in which the LED track lighting spots can be placed. You need a power connector to supply power to this lighting rail. This can easily be connected at the end of the rail. You can use end caps to neatly close off the rails. This also ensures safety because the power wires are then neatly concealed. Multiple power rails can be connected to each other with a connector. The rails can be connected to each other in a straight line or at an angle, depending on which type of connector is used. You can choose between a direct connector, an angled connector, a flexible connector or a rotatable connector.

LED track lights

In our assortment we have different types of LED track spots, namely CCT track spots and GU10 track fixtures. The CCT rail spots include the LED lamp. The light colours warm white, bright white and cold white are adjustable. In the GU10 fixtures you can place a GU10 LED spotlight in the desired light colour. All our LED rail spots and fixtures are tiltable and can be moved freely along the track.

Track light application

The LED track lights are ideal to use for example in:

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