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LED Lighting for Parking Garages

LED Lighting for Parking Garages

In car parks, perfect illumination of all paths, angles and corners is of vital importance in order to keep the risk of accidents and damage on the site as low as possible. Especially in parking garages that are open 24/7, this results in high power consumption and correspondingly high electricity and maintenance costs. LED lighting serves as the ideal replacement: It is not only more energy-saving, significantly more durable and more environmentally friendly - it also offers bright, diffuse light that has an exceptionally positive effect on visibility. Consequently, LED light sources not only save energy, but can also significantly improve the safety and user-friendliness of your car park.

Advantages of LED lighting for garages & parking garages:

Optimize visibility and safety on the terrain:

  • Increase visibility of parking spaces, signs and paths through reduced shadows and non-flickering light
  • Better orientation of visitors due to widespread illumination and optimized light distribution
  • Improve the visitor experience, thereby increasing the recommendation rate and customer loyalty

Invest sustainably and with foresight:

  • sustainable investment due to the service life of LEDs being up to 50,000 operating hours
  • reduce your CO2 footprint through reduced greenhouse gas emissions of your lighting systems
  • less electronic waste and good recyclability

Save energy and operating costs of your lighting systems:

  • Up to 70% energy savings compared to conventional light sources
  • Significantly higher energy efficiency due to lower consumption with the same luminous efficacy
  • Less maintenance and cleaning effort (and costs) necessary

Product Recommendations for garages and parking garages

LED Tubes

Replace your previous fluorescent tubes with energy efficient ► LED Tubes. These only emit the light downwards, resulting in the same net light output as a conventional fluorescent lamp - but in a more sustainable, cost-saving and long-lasting way. You don't even need to order a new lamp, you can simply replace your old T8 tubes 1:1 with our T8 LED tubes. If you have not yet used light tubes, we of course also offer affordable frames in various sizes.

LED Panels

If your car park already has a grid ceiling, LED panels are a highly efficient alternative for large-area, evenly distributed light. These lamps are ultra-flat, do not attract dust or dirt and emit a pleasant, non-flickering and diffuse light - perfect support when parking in and out. In addition, the panels are easy to install, even on conventional (" non grid") ceilings. For this you can optionally order a mounting frame or a suspension system in our "LED Accessories" section.

LED Floodlights

With a wattage of only 10 to 50W, these big spotlights can be easily compared with conventional / halogen lamps between 100 and 500W. ► LED Floodlights emit a bright, wide-angle light of 800 to 4000 lumens and can therefore illuminate large areas without any problems. Of course all our floodlights are completely waterproof and airtight. Please note that you can choose between floodlights with and without integrated motion sensor.

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