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LED GU10 Spot Fixtures

On this page you can find our GU10 fixtures. We offer various GU10 fixtures such as recessed fixtures, wall fixtures and ceiling fixtures. Read more

What is a GU10 fixture?

A GU10 fixture is suitable for GU10 LED spots. Our fixtures all include a GU10 fitting so that you can easily install the spotlight. The lighting will look modern and professional. All our recessed fixtures have strong fastening springs so they can be easily mounted in a ceiling.

Different types of GU10 fixtures

There are various types of GU10 fixtures. Which one you choose depends on the way you want to conceal your GU10 spotlight. Our most popular fittings are the recessed fittings. These can be built into a ceiling. Recessed fixtures are available in various shapes and colours. You can choose a round or a square model made of aluminium or zinc. You can also choose from various colours such as black, white, gold and silver. Many of our fittings are tiltable. This ensures that it is possible to direct the lighting exactly as you want it. The lighting can be used as main lighting, but also as accent lighting to illuminate certain objects. In addition to our recessed fixtures, you can also choose for wall fixtures or ceiling fixtures.

Waterproof GU10 fixtures

Whether a LED GU10 spotlight is suitable for the bathroom or another humid area can be seen from the IP value. Fixtures with an IP20 value are not suitable for humid rooms. These fixtures are suitable for non-humid rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, shops and restaurants. Does the fixture have an IP65 rating? Then it can also be used in humid rooms such as bathrooms. Please note that our recessed fixtures cannot be used outdoors. Do you want to install your LED spot outside? Our wall-mounted fixtures are suitable for this purpose.

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