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LED Panels 30x60 CM

On this page you can find our 30x60 LED panels. The panels are optionally dimmable and available in different light colours. Read more

30x60 LED Panel

On this page you can find our 30x60cm LED panels. These are the smallest LED panels we offer. The panels are optionally dimmable with a dimmable driver. 30x60 LED panels are available in the light colours warm white, bright white and cold white.

LED panel 30x60 advantages

LED panels have many advantages over traditional lighting. A lot of energy can be saved. This is beneficial for the environment and you can save a lot of money. In addition, 30x60 LED panels last an average of 50,000 hours. The panels therefore almost never need to be replaced. Again, you save a lot of money. The investment in LED panels will quickly be recovered. 

30x60 LED panel light colours

Our LED panels are available in different color temperatures. 

Warm white panels have a yellow light color. This provides a warm and cozy atmosphere. Bright white panels are often used in offices because it stimulates work productivity. Cold white panels have a blue light color. These panels are used in places where good visibility is very important. 

30x60 LED panel lights dimmable

It' s possible to dim the LED panels. For this you need a dimmable driver. You can order this driver separately. Our 30x60 panels are delivered with a standard driver.

LED panel 30x60 surface mounted & recessed

LED panel 30x60 surface mounting & recessed. Our LED panels can be built into a suspended ceiling. The panels can also easily be placed against the ceiling using an aluminum mounting frame. There is also the option to hang the panels using a suspension set (steel cables).

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