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LED Ceiling Fixtures GU10

On this page you can find our surface mounted ceiling fixtures. Our LED ceiling lights are available in various colours and shapes. The fixtures are suitable for GU10 LED spots. Read more

What is a ceiling light fixture GU10?

A LED ceiling light is a fixture in which a GU10 LED spotlight can be placed. This has the advantage that you can choose the light colour and also change it when desired. There are several variants of ceiling fixtures available. We have ceiling fixtures that can be suspended from the ceiling. So there is a cable between the ceiling cap and the fixture. In addition, we have LED surface-mounted spotlights that can be placed directly on the ceiling. These spots are very modern and are used a lot these days. Ceiling lamps have the advantage that it's not necessary to saw a hole, as is the case with a recessed fixture. Other advantages are the modern look and easy installation.

Ceiling lamp dimmable

In our ceiling fixtures, GU10 LED spots can be placed. These spots are dimmable. It is therefore possible to dim your ceiling lamp. You can do this with a remote control or wall control. If you choose for an RGB+CCT GU10 spot more options are available. You can choose all light colours and adjust the colour intensity.

Application LED ceiling fixtures

The fixtures can be used in various places. For example, our LED pendant lights are often used above a table or a bar. The surface-mounted spotlights are often used in hotels, canteens, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and halls. Actually, they are suitable for any space. The LED ceiling lights are available in black and white. Many of our ceiling fixtures are tiltable so you can aim the LED spotlight the way you want it.

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