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LED Panels 60x120

On this page you can find our 120x60 cm LED panels. This is the largest size rectangular LED panel that we offer. You will also find the accessories that are suitable for these products. Besides rectangular 60x120 panels, we also offer 30x120 panels. Read more

LED panel 60x120 light colours

The LED panels are available in different light colours. 

Warm white panels create a cozy atmosphere. Bright white panels are often used in offices. This light color ensures higher productivity and good concentration among employees. Cold white is often used in spaces where good visibility is important. With our RGB+CCT 60x120 panels everything is possible. All light colors can be set and all shades of white from 2700K to 6500K can be set.

High lumen LED panels

The 60x120 LED panels are available in high lumen. The number of lumen is about the light output of the LED panels. High lumen panels have a higher light output per watt. These panels have a higher energy efficiency, a higher light output and thus higher savings on your energy costs.

LED panel 60x120 Surface mounted

Normally LED panels are built into a suspended ceiling. If you don't have a suspended ceiling, it's possible to mount the LED panels to the ceiling by using a surface-mounted frame. The mounting frames that we offer are made of aluminum and available in the colors white and silver. With a mounting frame it is also possible to mount the panels to the wall. There is also the option of hanging the panels from the ceiling using steel cables. 

Application of LED panels 60x120 cm

LED panels are suitable for most rooms. You can think of the following applications:

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