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Floodlight 200 Watt

What is a LED floodlight 200 watt?

A LED spotlight is also called a floodlight or construction lamp. This is due to the high light output that the LED spotlight produces. These LED spotlights have a capacity of 200 watts and are therefore our largest LED spotlights. The LED spotlights produce 18000 lumens. You can use these LED spotlights to illuminate large areas. You can think of illuminating a car park, company premises or facade. You can use the LED floodlights outside, because the LED lamps have a protection of IP65. This means that the floodlights are protected against rain. The LED floodlights are easy to install. They are namely equipped with a cable with a Euro plug, which you can plug into the outlet. In addition, the LED floodlights require no maintenance and last up to 35,000 hours. The LED floodlights consume little energy in comparison to traditional building lamps. In addition, they have a positive effect on the environment. 

Different types of 100 watt LED beams

We offer our LED beams in warm white, bright white and cold white. If you find that this LED spotlight produces too much light, you can choose a LED spotlight with a capacity of 100 watts. 

Different colour temperatures 50 watt LED spotlights

We offer our LED floodlights 100 watts in three different colour temperatures. Warm white is mainly used to create a cozy atmosphere. This colour temperature provides relaxation. In addition, we also offer a broad beam LED spotlight in bright white (4000K). This LED wide beam is often used as work lighting. You can also use this light colour well to illuminate a car park. If you are looking for bright light, where you can see all the details, we recommend cold white (6000K). This colour emulates the colour of daylight the most.  

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