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Trees for All

Trees for all

LED24 helps to offset CO2 emissions. Through our sustainable way of doing business and being aware of the environment, we work together with Trees for all. For every 100 orders we receive, we have a tree planted. Trees for all is a recognized charity organisation with a CBF Certificate and is a supplier in the field of CO2 compensation in the Netherlands. Everyone can do their bit to make the Netherlands CO2-neutral.

Trees absorb CO2 in order to grow. By means of photosynthesis trees break down CO2 and use the carbon to form wood and separate the oxygen back into the atmosphere. Carbon is therefore stored, as it were, in the wood of the trees. Planting trees not only helps to compensate for CO2 pollution. So planting trees also helps:

plant more trees

CO2-neutral entrepreneurship

For more than 250 years, the number of CO2 in the atmosphere of our planet has been increasing. Deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels are the main causes of this. Think of the combustion of oil, coal and natural gas. This can have major (negative) consequences for people and the planet in the future. For this reason, we consider sustainable production, consumption and entrepreneurship important. LED24 does everything it can to be CO2-neutral and to compensate our CO2 footprint.

Our goal

We are aware of the fact that the packages we send cause high CO2 emissions. We would like to compensate for the impact that our actions have on society and the environment. By participating in the 1-2-tree project of Trees for all, we plant a tree in the Netherlands and Uganda for every 100 orders. In this way we can plant a forest together with our customers. Your order contributes to this.

As an organization we find it important that as many consumers and companies as possible switch to sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-saving LED lamps. This is a good first step towards a sustainable world. However, we can do much more than save energy.

We set ourselves the goal:

By 2019, we will have planted at least 500 trees.

By 2020, we will have planted at least 750 trees.

Number of trees planted in 2019: 516

Help us to achieve these goals and contribute to a sustainable world!

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