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Recessed LED Downlights

A recessed LED downlight can easily be placed in a suspended ceiling. The LED downlights have a low mounting height. The LED downlights have a modern design and provide a sleek look in a room. The recessed LED downlights are offered in various wattages an Read more

What is a recessed LED downlight?

A recessed LED downlight is a thin recessed LED panel. A recessed LED downlight can be fitted in a ceiling or wall. A recessed LED downlight has a low mounting dimension, which makes it easy to place in a ceiling. You need to drill a hole in your ceiling with the dimensions of the LED downlight. When you place the LED downlight in your ceiling, this will provide a beautiful and modern finish. LED downlights have a light angle of 120 degrees, which provides an even spread of the light. This also means that you will have fewer shadows, which is the case with LED spotlights.

Different types of recessed downlights

We offer our recessed LED downlights in various types. The LED downlights are available in various wattages from 3 watts to 24 watts. You can also choose different colour temperatures. You can choose from warm white, bright white, cold white and RGB+CCT. 

Different light colours recessed LED downlights

As mentioned earlier, you can choose from different colour temperatures. The colour temperature warm white (3000K) is used in rooms where a cosy atmosphere must be created. Examples are living rooms and bedrooms. Warm white is seen as a relaxing light colour. When you need light for working or reading, you can choose bright white light (4000K). You will therefore see this light colour in offices and classrooms. With this light colour, concentration will be maintained longer. When clear vision is crucial, we recommend that you choose cold white light (6000K). Cold white most closely matches the colour of daylight. However, this colour is experienced as less cosy.

Dimmable recessed LED downlights

When you order an LED downlight, you will always get a dimmable LED driver. You can connect this to a LED dimmer phase cutting and trimming. The LED dimmer is equipped with a rotary button, with which the LED downlights can be dimmed. One LED dimmer can be used for several LED downlights.

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