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RGB LED Strips

On this page you will find our RGB LED strips. There are different types available, namely RGB, RGBW and RGB+CCT. In addition, you can choose from indoor LED strips and waterproof LED strips that can be used outdoors or underwater. Our powerful LED Strips Read more

What is an RGB LED Strip?

A LED strip RGB is a flexible LED cord with LED chips soldered to it. Colored LED strips are often used as decorative lighting, but can also be used as main lighting. Often the strips are placed out of sight such as under a sofa or under kitchen cabinets. If you want to place the strip in sight, we recommend using a LED strip profile. RGB LED strips provide a very modern and sleek look and are also very energy efficient.

There are several types of colored LED strips available:

RGB stands for red, green and blue. With these three basic colors, all colors of light can be created, such as red, orange and purple. With an RGBW LED strip, besides colored light, you can also choose the light color warm white. An RGB+CCT LED strip offers even more possibilities. It's possible to choose colored light and also all temperatures white light can be set (2700K - 6500K). 

Besides RGB LED strips, we also sell single colored LED strips.

Application LED strip RGB

RGB LED strips can be used in any room because the light color can be adjusted at any time. When you choose a strip with an IP68 protection level, it is even possible to use the strip outside or under water. 

A number of application possibilities are:

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