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How to live more sustainable

How to live more sustainable

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is attracting more and more attention. We've all heard of it, but not everyone knows what we can do ourselves to live more sustainably and thus contribute to a healthier environment. In essence, sustainability is a broad concept. Sustainability is about balancing people, nature and the economy. It also means that we have to think about the depletion of the earth. Sustainability therefore includes all the efforts we can make to improve the environment, or at least to reduce pollution and depletion of the earth as much as possible. In addition, sustainability also involves limiting the violation of human rights.

As an example, we at Led Panel Wholesale always strive for the smallest possible ecological footprint. We do this by reducing the environmental impact, energy consumption and CO2 emissions as much as possible and, where possible, by producing cleanly. In addition, we always pay attention to the social and environmental aspects when purchasing products and services. Think of the production, transport and usage. We also consider it important to waste as little energy as possible, to recycle and to plant a tree with every 100 orders via Trees for All.

Sustainable living & saving energy

The fact that many companies nowadays do business in a sustainable way is a good development. But how can you, as a homeowner, do this yourself? Many people want to contribute to a healthier environment, but don't know what they can do. In most cases it comes down to using common sense. Many sustainable options seem to be an expensive investment. And this is also the case in the short term. However, a sustainable home also goes hand in hand with energy saving. And this means immediate cost savings in the long term. Sustainable living therefore pays for itself and is a win-win situation. Here we explain what you can do to make your home more sustainable.

Reduce waste, recycle and consume sustainably

The first step that every household should take is to reduce waste and recycle it. This method of sustainability costs nothing extra. First of all, always make sure you buy what you buy in the shop. Purchases that you will not or hardly use are a waste. Pay as much attention as possible to how a product is produced and whether it is not excessively packaged.

In addition, it is important that we reuse the products we use as often as possible until we throw them away. By separating waste, the product can be recycled again after disposal and gets a new function.

Read here how to recycle LED lights!

Reducing energy consumption

Besides paying attention to what we consume, we can also pay attention to the energy consumption. This starts with the purchase of electrical appliances. When purchasing electrical appliances, such as a washing machine, pay attention to energy consumption. If this is taken into account for every appliance in the house, this can lead to a much lower power consumption. We can also switch off appliances more often. All devices that are on stand-by all day together consume a lot of standby energy. So simply turn off all devices after use. Ideally, you should also unplug the appliances you don't use from the mains. The latter applies especially to chargers. Think of the charger for mobile phones and laptops.

It is always a good idea to switch to green energy!

Energy consumption of lighting

Lighting can be a major cost in terms of energy consumption. First of all, make sure that the lighting purchased is as economical as possible. Incandescent and halogen lights, for example, are not energy efficient at all and therefore use a lot of electricity to produce light. Energy saving lights are a slightly better option. LED lights are the best option for this problem. LED lights use up to 70% less power and last much longer than an average incandescent light bulb. This also means that you don't have to replace the light bulbs as often. Pay attention to the wattage of the lamp and the light output. It is a shame to buy a light bulb that gives too much light. It also consumes more energy.

Energy-efficient lights are a good start to saving energy. To save even more, you can always switch off the lights when you do not need lighting. This can easily be solved by using a motion sensor. So the light is only on when needed.

Check out all our LED lighting options here!

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Generating your own energy | Energy-neutral

Install solar panels! Solar panels are very durable. They convert solar energy into usable electricity. Solar panels are a substantial investment that pays for itself over time. Because you generate your own energy with solar panels, you are no longer dependent on energy suppliers. Generating more than consuming energy is called energy-neutral.

Insulating Walls, Floor and Glass

Finally, it is advisable to insulate your walls, floor and glass. In this way, you can put less strain on the heating and it will use less energy.

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