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What do I do with my old LED lamps?

What do I do with my old LED lamps?

What do I do with my old LED lamps?

LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that LED lamps are energy efficient. This means that LED lamps are also better for the environment. Despite the fact that LED lamps have a considerably longer lifespan than traditional forms of lighting, they will have to be replaced sooner or later. But where do we put our old LED lamps?

Recycling of LED lamps

By correctly recycling old LED lamps, up to 90% can be reused. Unlike low-energy light bulbs, an LED lamp does not contain mercury or other toxic substances. They can therefore be recycled as small electrical appliances. In almost all cases, the LED lamps show a sign of a crossed-out waste container. They should therefore not be disposed of with household waste. Where should these types of lamps go?

Where do I recycle my LED lamps?

LED lighting can be recycled in the same way as other energy-saving light bulbs. So you can return them to the same recycling companies. But where are these companies located?

In order to have your LED lamps recycled, it is best to deliver them to us:

  • The waste station or environmental street of your municipality;
  • Shops with a return bin for LED lighting.

To find the nearest waste station or environmental street in your municipality, please consult your municipality's website.

Here you can see at which shops in your area the LED lamps can be delivered:

Search for a drop-off point for LED lighting

It is of course also possible to hand in your old LED lamps at Ledstores. So feel free to visit us!

Why is recycling so important?

  • Recovery of valuable materials (glass, metals, plastics)
  • Some substances can be harmful to the environment


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