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Tips and Tricks for Dimming your LED Lights

Tips and Tricks for Dimming your LED Lights

You probably know about all the advantages that LED lights have over conventional lamps - less energy consumption, less power costs, a much higher lifespan, the list goes on. You might have already switched to LED due to these reasons - good on you for taking that step! However, you might sometimes miss the cozy atmosphere that the lighting of your previous lamps created. 

If that's the case, we might just be able to make your day. Did you know that (almost) all LED lamps and panels are dimmable? This means that you can recreate the same inviting, comfortable atmosphere you thought you've given up when switching to LED. Just read on to find out how you can achieve this.

1. Which types of LED lighting are dimmable - and which types are not dimmable (yet)?

First of all, good news. All of our LED panels are dimmable. The same goes for LED downlights, LED strips and for our filament bulbs. You only need to pay attention when buying an LED bulb: Not all of these are dimmable. In this case, consider opting for an RGB+CCT light. These are dimmable LED lamps which can not only be dimmed, but can also be changed in colour, which allows you to control the atmosphere of your room even better. Remember: Every RGB+CCT Light is dimmable, the other ones have to be checked for their dimmability beforehand.

2. The important part: How to dim your LED lamps

Now that you have ensured that your lamp is dimmable, you can learn how to actually dim your LED lights. Depending on your particular type of LED light, you might need a different set-up to connect your lamp to a dimming controller. In any case, you will need to obtain a dimmable driver and one type of remote control or an appropriate dimmable light switch

Option 1: You possess a single-coloured type of dimmable LED lamp, e.g. a Standard Lumen LED Panel with 40W in the colour warm white. To dim this sort of light, you can choose between the following two drivers:

  • The 1-10V driver is connected to a dimmable light switch (sometimes including a remote control) and can be linked to up to 17 panels. This is the cheaper alternative of the two driver options. However, since the cable of this driver is too short for most connections, you need a relatively long power line to connect this driver to the light switch and the LED light. So, if you do not already have a power line installed, you might opt for a different driver (see below).
  • The 2.4GHZ The RF / WiFi wireless controller from MiLight, in combination with a Meanwell driver, is connected with either a corresponding remote control or wall control. These have a signal range of up to 30 metres and can be connected to an unlimited amount of LED lights. However, you need a separate driver for each LED light/panel. The connection cable of the driver is also long enough to render an extra power line unnecessary. With a corresponding MiLight WiFi Module, you can even dim your lamps with your smartphone!

Option 2: You possess a RGB+CCT (multi-coloured) type of LED light, e.g. E27 LED Bulb RGB+CCT with 6W. In this case, you only need a controller to dim your lamp - no driver necessary! You can either opt for a remote or a wall control. 
You cannot only adjust the brightness of these lamps (i.e. dim them), but also their colours - thus, up to 16 million different colours can be created. With an extra wifi module, you can also conveniently control your lamps via wifi and set the mood from everywhere in the building. 

3. Wrap-up: What you need to remember from this article

  • Check whether the LED lights you consider buying are indeed dimmable before purchasing them.
  • Make sure to choose the right driver for your room equipment (with special regard to your power line set-up) and your requirements.
  • For maximum flexibility and the most options for dimming, consider buying RGB+CCT LED lights. 
  • To achieve a nice, cozy lighting with LED lamps, it is worth investing in dimmable LED lights and the corresponding equipment (i.e. drivers and controllers). The whole set-up tends to be a bit more expensive, but it's a sustainable and long-lived investment - for the environment and your well-being!

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