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Creative with LED lighting

Creative with LED lighting

Lighting is primarily intended to give rooms enough light so that it is pleasant for the function that the room has. Nevertheless, we can use it creatively to create a wow effect. That's why in this blog we give you 7 possibilities to use your LED Lighting in a creative way. 

Creative Furniture Lighting

You can be very creative with LED lights when thinking about furniture lighting. For instance LED Strips can be implemented on many types of furniture. We give a brief overview of what kind of furniture you can use the lighting well on. 

Chair and sofa lighting

It is possible to give chairs and sofas a nice effect with light at the bottom. This is easily done by placing a LED Strip at the bottom of the edges of the chair or sofa. This makes it seem as if the light is coming from underneath the piece of furniture. Keep in mind that the wiring has to be concealed. This is easy when the sofa or chair is against a wall. 

Cabinet lighting

An emerging trend is illuminating the inside of open cabinets. You can do this easily by placing a LED Strip along the inside edges of the cabinet. You can also use LED Modules for this purpose. They are easier to place in small spaces and are more flexible to move around. We recommend that you do not point the LED Strip outwards as this can cause the light to be too bright unless you use a LED Strip Profile. Wires can be concealed through the back of the cabinet. 

It is also possible to mount a lamp in the cabinet. For this you will first need to place a fitting for your lamp in the cabinet. Then all you have to do is screw the lamp into the fitting.

Mirror lighting

By placing lighting near a mirror you can see your reflection better. For example, it may look nice to place a LED Strip in a profile along the edges of the mirror. If you are looking for a design idea, you can also place the LED Strip along the edges of the back of the mirror. This way the light seems to come from behind the mirror.

Table lighting

It is also possible to install lighting under a table. This is especially nice when the bottom of the table is close to the ground. With tables with a glass plate and a frame in the middle it is also possible to make an infinite mirror. It looks like the table is an infinitely deep hole. 

Creative Ceiling & Wall Lighting

To illuminate your rooms, you can of course choose the conventional ways to do this. By LED Panels, fluorescent tubes or ceiling and wall lights for example. However, this can also be a lot more creative. After all, you can already choose LED Strips in the ceiling. You can do this by making a groove in the ceiling. Such a groove is also sometimes called a 'cove'. And in this groove you can mount a LED Strip profile. In this way the lighting is recessed in the ceiling. You can do the same on walls. 

Would you prefer accent lighting? This is perfectly possible with a suspended ceiling by placing an LED Strip in the groove/cave. This way the light is less direct and present. 

Would you still prefer to use LED Panels? Think of a cloud ceiling with your desired image or motif.

Creative Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is another room where it is very important to have good light. This is often solved by placing spotlights. This is an excellent way for the main lighting in the kitchen. However, the kitchen can be made even more fun by illuminating the edges of the sink and certain cabinets. Again, this can be done by using a LED Strip and placing it under the edge of the countertop or at the bottom of drawers and cabinets. It is recommended to use a LED Strip profile in these places. This gives a softer and smoother effect to the light. 

Creative Backlight for television and computers

Not all televisions are equipped with the well-known ambilight system and in most cases computer screens do not have a backlight either. Bring more atmosphere into the work or game environment with lighting behind your screen, speakers and desk. By installing an LED Strip on the back of your screen, speakers and desk, you can adjust the atmosphere yourself. Especially if you choose for a colored LED Strip. 

Creative Bed Lighting and Night Lighting

What's easier than having lights on when you get out of bed? You can easily achieve this by means of bed lighting. There are several places where the lighting can be installed. For example, you can choose to place the lighting behind the bedpost on the main side. This gives a nice effect on the wall. It then looks as if light is coming from behind the bed. It is also possible to place the LED Strip on the side of the bed post by means of a LED Strip corner profile. This way you always have reading light in bed. 

Bed lighting can also be placed under the side of the bed. Then the light seems to come from under the bed. When you point the LED Strip to the outside with a LED Strip profile, it can also be used as a night light. It is possible to connect a movement switch to this. This way you will always have light when you get out of bed. 

Creative Plant Lighting

Plants are not the first thing we think of when applying lighting. Yet lighting trees and plants is a good way to accentuate them. This can be done indoors and outdoors. You can light trees by shining a garden lamp or construction lamp on them. You can also place the lighting in bushes. This way the vegetation itself seems to give light. 

For indoor plants you can choose to use a garden pot and put it in the pot of a medium to large plant. If you now point the garden spot upwards, you can accentuate the plant in all colours. 

Creative Facade Lighting

Finally, it is possible to light your entire facade. This way your building really stands out. To do this, point wall washers or building lights at the walls and facades you want to let light into. This works best with lighter coloured walls. 

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