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Inspiration: Plants and LED outdoor lighting

Inspiration: Plants and LED outdoor lighting

LED lighting is not only ideal for illuminating indoor spaces, but can also be used outdoors. For example, think of lighting in a garden, lighting on the terrace of a restaurant or lighting on the facade of an office. The possibilities are endless and it is therefore possible that you do not yet have a clear picture of this. LED outdoor lighting can provide a very nice and atmospheric effect, provides more security and is also energy efficient. There are many different applications of LED outdoor lighting. In this blog we will discuss a number of these applications so that you can get a clear picture of them and get inspired by them.

Applications of LED outdoor lighting

Lighting of trees and plants

Trees are one of the more beautiful elements of a garden or courtyard. To make them stand out in the dark, trees can be illuminated with, for example, wide beams. Lighting aimed at the leaves of a tree will provide a very nice effect. The LED lighting is placed on the ground and directed upwards. A border with plants can be illuminated with garden lamps or spotlights that are placed between the plants. Place the lamps in a playful way in different directions to illuminate the plants from different directions. This gives a nice effect of light and shadows. The plants come to life in the dark.  For example, you can choose warm white light, but also RGB. With this, all colours can be formed and adjusted as desired. 

Terrace lighting

People usually spend a lot of time on the terrace. Therefore it is important that in the evening, when it is dark, it looks cozy and attractive. It is possible to illuminate your terrace by placing spotlights in, for example, the corners or along the edges of the terrace. Is there a roof? Then the possibilities are even greater. Think of lighting along the walls or the ceiling. For example, use warm white LED downlights on the ceiling for an attractive and luxurious look. This makes it the perfect place to relax in the evening. 

Lighting of paths and driveways

Lighting of paths in, for example, a garden not only creates a beautiful effect, but is also ideal for finding your way around easily in the dark. You can do this by placing lighting, such as LED garden lights or LED spotlights, along the edges of a path. It is also possible to illuminate steps and stairs. For example, you can use LED strips. It provides a nice effect and for more safety. Another possibility is to illuminate driveways. An illuminated driveway makes it easy to park your car when it's dark. 

Facade lighting

LED lighting can be used to illuminate the facade of a house, hotel, restaurant, shop or business. It is possible that a facade is so beautiful that you want it to stand out in the dark. Another option is to illuminate the logo or company name on the facade. This is also possible with LED lighting. A facade can be illuminated with 'uplighters', such as wide beams or with 'downlighters'. 

LED outdoor lighting for more safety

As mentioned before, the lighting of paths and steps provides more safety in the garden. When these are clearly visible in the dark, it is easier to find your way around and you will be less likely to stumble over stairs. Another big advantage is that an illuminated garden is less attractive for intruders. Lighting at the front door also makes intruders less likely to attempt to enter. 

Waterproof LED lighting

It is important that outdoor lighting is waterproof or splashproof so that it does not break down when it rains or gets wet. LED panel wholesaler offers different types of outdoor lighting. For example, waterproof LED strips, wide beams, waterproof fixtures and special garden lamps. 

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