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LED Lighting for your Aquarium

LED Lighting for your Aquarium

An aquarium with colourful fish and exotic live plants can be an enjoyable piece of decor both at homes and business settings. Viewing fish behaviour is not just entertaining but also educational especially for children. With LED lighting you can turn your aquarium into a stylish design feature that gives you joy for a long time.

Proper lighting is essential for a healthy aquarium. Light is necessary for the photosynthesis needed for the health and growth of aquarium plants. Adequate lighting helps the plants to absorb the carbon dioxide gases the fish breath out.

What is sufficient lighting depends on various factors:

  • The number and type of plants in the aquarium
  • How much ambient light there already is in the room
  • The species of fish in the aquarium
  • The algae level in the aquarium

An average aquarium needs 10 hours of light per day. If you have tropical fish and plants in your aquarium, the need for light goes up to 12 hours a day. Respectively, colder water fish species and plants require less light, approximately 8 hours a day.

Most importantly, the conditions in the aquarium should simulate nature as closely as possible. As the sun rises and sets everyday, there should also be consistency in artificial aquarium lighting. Using a timer to turn the lights on and off is a good way to ensure that.

Why change your traditional aquarium lighting into LED lighting?

Replacing your old lights with modern and efficient LED lighting has many benefits:

  • Plants grow much better under LED lighting than under traditional lights
  • Reduced energy consumption, LED lighting saves energy up to 80 %
  • Lower heat output helps to maintain optimal conditions in the aquarium
  • Longer lifetime, LED lights last up to 50.000 hours
  • Adjustable light brightness, you can dim your lights as you wish
  • Colour options in RGB+CCT lights, you have almost endless possibilities
  • Coverage especially with LED strips which can be installed in many ways

One may say that LED lighting is more expensive to purchase. That may be true but considering the lower energy consumption and longer lifetime, LED lights actually save your money in the long run.

What kind of LED lighting is suitable for the aquarium?

Lighting used in the aquarium must be safe both for the fish and for you. Choose LED lights that have an IP value of IP68 to be sure that the lights are completely waterproof. For instance, waterproof LED Strips can be used under water to illuminate your aquarium in a creative way.

If you want to enjoy all the tones of the colour palette, pick the RGB+CCT LED Strip. In addition to different colours, you can also adjust colour temperatures and change the atmosphere very easily. For example, it is possible to use blue light as “moonlight” at nighttime. You are able to view the fish also in the dark without interfering with their normal life cycle.

Latest LED technology comes with convenient and handy accessories. LED lighting can be controlled by versatile remote controls and wall remotes. You can also adjust LED lights from your phone. With these modern appliances it is easy to make sure your aquarium gets the right amount of lighting.

Proper lighting is a key to a well-run aquarium with healthy fish and plants. With LED lighting you can turn a practical necessity into a design feature that gives you pleasure for years to come.

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