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LED lighting for events

LED lighting for events

Summer is here and that means the festival season has opened. It seems as if more festivals are appearing every year to the point where you could attend several festivals each weekend. These are mostly music festivals, but also other types of festivals are becoming more and more popular. For example, think of food festivals and light festivals like the 'Amsterdam Light Festival'. In the Netherlands 1115 festivals are being organized in 2019. Such a large number of events attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors has a major impact on the environment. An important trend we see is that festivals pay more and more attention to sustainability. It can even be said that festivals are leading in this field. Many events are already taking measures, such as recycling waste. What is often not thought of is the use of LED lighting, while this is an important first step towards a sustainable event. In this blog we will discuss the advantages and possibilities of LED lighting at festivals.

Sustainability at festivals

As discussed earlier, sustainability at festivals is an increasingly important issue. Visitors are attaching importance to this issue. The reason for this may be that festival visitors are often millennials. This group of people generally attach greater value to sustainability than previous generations. A large number of festivals are already taking measures, for example: at many festivals only 'hard cups' are used instead of plastic cups. It is also often encouraged to return cups to the bar by means of a deposit. Other examples are placing solar panels, building podiums from recycled materials, encouraging visitors to come by bike and (when the weather is bad) bring their own raincoat instead of using plastic ponchos. There are of course many more measures that can be taken. An important step that can be taken is the use of LED lighting. LED festival lighting is very energy efficient. Ideal for events where a huge number of lamps is needed.

Advantages of LED festival lighting

LED lighting has many advantages over traditional lighting. First of all, LED consumes much less power. This makes it possible to connect a large number of LED lamps to a small power supply. In addition, LED lighting becomes much less warm than other types of lighting. This saves a lot of energy. Most of the power is converted into light and not into heat. In addition, it contributes to the safety of a festival. A fire is less likely to occur. Another advantage are the colour effects. On a stage, for example, it is very important to have lamps in all possible colours. This is possible with LED lighting. With RGB LED lighting, all possible colours can be formed. LED festival lighting can also produce bright light without consuming a lot of electricity. Another important advantage is that LED lamps are not sensitive to vibrations. At festivals there are usually a lot of vibrations due to loud music. LED lamps last a very long time, but if the lamp does break down, it will slowly burn less brightly instead of going out immediately. LED lighting has many advantages and will certainly contribute to a sustainable festival.


When it comes to lighting at festivals, the first thing to think of is probably the lightning on the stages, but the possibilities are even greater. Below we will discuss different applications of LED festival lighting.

Lighting of the bar

Most of the revenue is achieved at the bar. It is therefore important to enlighten them attractively. This makes it more attractive to get a drink and it is clear to visitors where to go. It is also important to enlighten other places where festival visitors have to go. For example, think of the toilets, the lockers and the place where tokens can be collected.

Lighting masts  

For the safety of visitors, it is important to illuminate the site properly. This can be done by using light masts. In order to save on fuel costs, it is a good idea to use LED lighting masts. Compared to traditional lighting masts, CO2 emissions are 80% lower.

Mood lighting

A beautiful and atmospheric decoration is a part that is important for every festival. LED lamps can give very atmospheric light because they are dimmable. When mood lighting on a festival you can think of lighting trees / plants, lighting at seats and cords with lighting through the air. This can be in the colour 'warm white', or use RGB lamps that can form all possible colours. LED contributes to a cosy atmosphere at every event.

Products suitable for events

Ledpanelwholesale offers various products that are suitable to be used at events. With our DMX LED transmitter it is possible to connect an unlimited number of lamps. This also applies to the DMX controller. It is possible to control a large number of lamps at once.

It is important that lighting at festivals can withstand water. In this blog you can read more about IP values of LED lighting.

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