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LED lighting for the holidays

LED lighting for the holidays

The holidays are coming up again. During this period of the year we like to decorate our surroundings by means of cosy and atmospheric lighting. This of course starts with decorating the Christmas tree, but doesn't stop there. In this blog we would like to give some tips to make your home or business premises cosy with LED lighting. 

LED Strips as Christmas lighting

LED Strips are very suitable to use as Christmas lights. The LED Strips can easily be placed at any desired position. This applies to indoor and outdoor use. Because the LED Strips are also available in color and this color can be adjusted using a remote control, you can easily adjust the atmosphere. LED Strips are available in an indoor and outdoor version. Make sure you buy the right LED Strip. To use a LED Strip outdoors you need a waterproof LED Strip. 

Tip 1: Illuminate your Christmas tree with a LED Strip.

It is common to decorate our Christmas trees with a wire small LED lights. This gives a cozy and beautiful effect. However, you can also decorate the Christmas tree with a LED Strip. This looks just a little bit different than the traditional Christmas tree lighting. By choosing an RGB (Red-Green-Blue) LED Strip you can easily adjust and dim the color of the Christmas tree by using a remote control or an app on your phone.

Tip 2: LED Strips inside

LED Strips don't just look nice on the Christmas tree. They are also very suitable for lighting indoor spaces. We recommend to always place the LED Strip somewhere behind to create a nice atmosphere effect. In living and working spaces it is wise to choose RGB+CCT or RGBW LED Strips. These can produce white light and colored light. This allows you to alternate functional light and mood light.

Places where you can install the LED Strip: 

  • Behind mirrors
  • In open cabinets
  • Under your couch
  • Under desks
  • Under each step

Tip 3: Outdoor LED Strips

During the holidays, lighting on the facade or in the garden can not be missing. LED Strips can also be excellently used for this purpose. Keep in mind that if you want to use a LED Strip outside, you should always choose a waterproof LED Strip. These are specially designed for outdoor use. 

You can install the LED Strip in the following places:

  • On the facade of your building
  • Under steps and stairs
  • Around trees and pillars

Coloured LED Garden Lamps

Garden lamps, garden spotlights, wallwashers and wide-beam heaters can illuminate your facade and garden beautifully. These products are all available in colour variations that you can set yourself and are all weather resistant. You can, for example, focus these LED lights on your facade to give it a certain colour. This works best on light-coloured facades. You can also aim the lights on trees and shrubs to give them a certain colour.

Coloured LED Panels

Do you have LED Panels hanging in your office or other rooms. Then you can ideally decorate these rooms with RGB+CCT LED Panels. These panels function exactly the same as normal LED Panels. However, these panels have one big advantage. These panels can give white light as well as colored light. This enables you to give rooms a specific atmosphere. Ideal to use during the holidays. 

Coloured LED Lamps

Don't have room for LED Panels? No problem. The same effect can be achieved by using RGB+CCT LED Bulbs. These are simple LED lamps that can change color. You can replace your single color bulbs with this variant. RGB+CCT LED Bulbs can shine white in all color temperatures. 

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