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LED Office Lighting

LED Office Lighting

It’s very important to have the right lighting in your office. It affects concentration, productivity and wellbeing of employees. Choosing lighting with the right colour temperature and intensity is therefore very important. There are also other factors that play an important role. In this blog we will explain everything you need to know about LED office lighting so you can easily make the right choice for the lighting in your office.

Light colour LED office lighting

First of all, choosing the right light colour is very important. LED lighting is available in different colour temperatures, which are warm white (3000K), bright white (4000K) and cold white (6000K). Warm white is a cozy light colour with a yellow / orange glow. Cold white is a cool light color with a blue glow. The light colour bright white is in between those colour temperatures. This light colour is most suitable for offices, so for optimal lighting in your office you should choose bright white 4000K. This light colour improves the concentration of employees.

UGR rating and flickering lights

It is also important that your office LED lighting has the right UGR rating and that the lights are not flickering. UGR stands for ‘Unified Glare Rating. It’s about the degree of glare caused by a light source. When there is too much glare in an office this can be very irritating. It can cause concentration problems and tired eyes. The most suitable rating for offices is UGR19. It is also very important that the lights do not flicker. Even when you (almost) can’t see the flickering, a small amount of flickering at the office can cause tired eyes, headaches and migraines. Therefore we recommend to use flicker free LED drivers in offices.

The right amount of lighting at the office

The brightness of the lights is also very important. The illuminance of a surface is expressed in Lux. The amount of light that reaches a surface. Lumen is the amount of light and Lux is in fact the number of Lumen that falls on a square meter (m2). For offices we recommend 500 Lux. Would you like to know more about Lumen and Lux? You can read this blog about Lumen, Power and Lux

Benefits of LED office lighting

The most important benefit of LED office lighting is that you can save a lot of money. You can save a lot of energy with LED lighting when you compare it to traditional types of lighting like TL tubes. You will not only save money but also contribute to a better climate. LED lighting is a very sustainable choice. Another important advantage of LED lighting is that it lasts much longer. If you provide your office with LED lighting, you do not need to replace these lights often and you can save on maintenance costs. Furthermore, LED lighting is dimmable and contains no harmful substances such as mercury.

Suitable LED products for office lighting

As described above, LED office lighting must meet a number of requirements. At Ledpanelwholesale we offer various LED panels that meet these requirements. For offices we recommend our bright white UGR19 LED Panels, they are available in different sizes:

  • LED Panel 30x120 UGR19 4000K

  • LED Panel 60x60 UGR19 4000K

  • LED Panel 62x62 UGR19 4000K

In addition, we recommend flickerfree LED drivers:

  • LED Driver Flickerfree 38W

  • LED Driver Flickerfree 44W

Do you still have questions after reading this blog? Feel free to contact our customer service.

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