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LED Warehouse Lighting

LED Warehouse Lighting

LED warehouse lighting

The right lighting in a warehouse is of great importance and it’s not always easy to choose the right one. Several factors have to be taken into account, such as the right light intensity, the right color temperature and the prevention of shadows. In this blog we will explain the advantages of LED as warehouse lighting, which requirements the lighting has to meet and which LED products are most suitable to use in your warehouse. 

Advantages of LED warehouse lighting

Traditional fluorescent tubes are often used in warehouses. The disadvantage of this lighting is that it uses a lot of energy and requires a lot of maintenance. In addition, fluorescent lighting often has problems with flickering. This can be very disturbing while working. It can cause tiredness and reduced alertness. This will reduce productivity. A good solution is to replace traditional lighting by LED. You can save at least 50% in energy (costs). In addition, LED lighting will last an average of 50,000 lighting hours. For comparison: a fluorescent tube only lasts 10.000 lighting hours. So you will quickly earn back the investment in LED lighting. Also, LED lighting has less flickering and is available in different color temperatures that are suitable for various uses.

Warehouse lighting: what to take into account?

There are several factors to take into account when choosing the right warehouse lighting. We list the most important ones for you:

The right light intensity

For order pickers it's very important that there is always good visibility. Not only on the work floor, but also for the products they have to pick. So it's important that also the racks are well lit. There is a European standard for the light level of warehouse lighting (NEN-EN 12464-1). An average light level of 100 to 150 lux is assumed. Lux is about the amount of light (lumen) that reaches a certain surface. A good guideline for different places in the warehouse is as follows:

  • Unstaffed aisles warehouse: 20 lux

  • Staffed aisles warehouse: 150 lux

  • Expedition and packing rooms: 300 lux

The right color temperature

The color temperature is expressed in Kelvin (K). LED lighting is available in the light colors warm white (3000K), bright white (4000K) and cold white (6000K). For warehouses a cooler color temperature is most suitable. For warehouses we generally recommend 4000K. Is good visibility very important? Then we recommend 6000K. This light provides very good visibility because of the blue glow.

The right color rendering (CRI)

The correct color rendering (Color Rendering Index) is also important. LED lighting should be of high quality and have a CRI of over 80. When the lighting does not meet these requirements, this can cause tiredness for order pickers.

Avoid shadows and provide even light

To always have a good view, it is important that the light is distributed as evenly as possible. This way the racks and products are always clearly visible. In addition, it is important to ensure that there are no irritating shadows. This can restrict visibility.

Which LED products are suitable as warehouse lighting?

The most suitable products to use for warehouse lighting are LED fluorescent tubes and LED high bays. When your warehouse has a high ceiling we recommend our LED high bays because of the high brightness. For different ceiling heights you can use the following high bays:

  • LED high bay 100W: ceiling heights from 4 to 6 meters

  • LED high bay 150W: ceiling heights from 6 to 8 meters

  • LED high bay 200W: ceiling heights from 8 to 10 meters

  • LED high bay 240W: ceiling heights of 10 meters and higher

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our customer service.

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